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Institutional Investor
Institutional Investor is a leading international business to business publisher, focused primarily on international finance. It publishes premium journalism, newsletters and research. It also runs conferences, seminars and training courses and is a provider of electronic business information through its capital market databases and emerging markets information service.

Institutional Investor editorial, research, and events are:

Institutional Investor News
For 50 years, Institutional Investor has built its reputation on providing award-winning editorial for the world’s most influential decision makers in global asset management and banking. This prestigious audience relies on Institutional Investor to provide in-depth coverage of the people and events impacting the world’s economy and all facets of institutional asset management.

Institutional Investor Research
Institutional Investor offers highly-respected proprietary research and rankings on buy-side and sell-side research, hedge funds, corporates, fixed income and asset management. These rankings are the industry’s benchmark for excellence across Asia, Europe, Japan, Latin America, and the U.S. A published position is confirmation directly from investors and/or sell-side analysts of the quality and reliability of your institution’s efforts. Top-line results are published online and can be supplemented with deeper, more comprehensive data and analysis in commercial reports produced by the Institutional Investor Research Group.

Institutional Investor Forums
Institutional Investor Conferences offer the best-known and the most highly respected professional programs for senior executives in the world today. The company has been organizing meetings for more than 40 years and each year manages more than 40 events in countries around the globe.

Institutional Investor Memberships
Institutional Investor Membership groups bring together senior executives in investment management, finance and business at Roundtable meetings so they can meet each other, discuss critical industry issues and, in some of the groups, market their services to major clients. The Membership Roundtables explore many of the same issues covered in the Institutional Investor’s print media in a live, interactive setting.

Institutional Investor Awards
For more than 30 years, Institutional Investor has recognized people and firms in the financial services industry for excellence. The integrity of Institutional Investor’s editorial and research-supported rankings and awards have earned the highest regard in the industry and continue to set the standard by which excellence is measured.

RIA Intel
Building on Institutional Investor’s 52 years of editorial excellence, RIA Intel provides essential news, expert insight and engaging commentary about the biggest and fastest growing RIAs. Addressing the needs of the most rapidly growing segment of the American financial advisor market, RIA Intel focuses on practice management, investing and wealth management, with advisor profiles and Q&As part of the editorial mix.